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Mary Sarah-Pop/Country beauty

Mary Sarah was kind enough to give us an interview despite her busy schedule.  She is an amazing rising country artist that can give Taylor Swift a run for her money.  With a new album out on ITunes and a sweet yet powerful voice that is sure to keep you entertained, move over Carrie Underwood and make room for America’s newest sweetheart, Mary Sarah…
Where do you currently reside?
I’m in TEXAS with lots of trips to Nashville these days.   I will be spending most of the summer up there recording. 🙂
That is so exciting!! I bet you feel totally at home in the recording studio!
How old are you?
15 and 3/4.  I’ll be 16 July 7th! YAY!
Well happy early birthday! Make sure its a special one because you only turn 16 once.

What sort of things do you do for fun?
Hmmm…I play tennis on the tennis team, love to hang out with friends and facebook and got to movies and be with my sister Emilee. We co-write songs together too.  I just learned to play golf it’s pretty fun!  BOYS, BOYS, BOYS……of course.
Its really cool to see that a girl as talented as yourself is just a normal teenager like everyone else.  and Boys are fun!!  I’m sure you get asked out alot.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Hmm.  WOW that’s tough but probably in Nashville since is the Music Capital of the world and it’s a nice family focused place too.  Or New York.  But I really love Texas too.  Austin TX would be beast too.
LA is a pretty big deal too.  I have never been to Texas but I would love to visit someday…maybe to see you perform live!

What artists is most played on your ipod or stereo?
Taylor Swift.  Carrie Underwood.  Bruno Mars.  Jessie J lately, Josh Groban.  Patsy Cline  I am uber diversified in what I listen too.
Very diverse! I love all of those artists!  

How would you describe your music?
County with a hint of pop.  But i love the old school stuff so much because you have to SING the songs.  I’m really a vocalist first and a songwriter second.
You definetely have to voice to really SING!

What is your most memorable performance? why?
Hmm.  It has to be the National Anthem for Opening day for the Houston Astros this year.  There were 45,000 people there it was incredible.
WOW! That is absolutely incredible! Congratulations on being able to have such an awesome experience.
Do you write your own music? if so who or what inspires your lyrics?
Yes I do.  I get inspiration from anywhere but mostly real life things that have happened to me or my sister and family.
The best placce to find inspiration is family and personal experiences!

Are you signed to a label?
Not yet 🙂
Keep working hard and it is sure to come soon!

Whose career do you most admire in the music industry?
Carrie Underwood.  Her vocals, her style, her class.   She absolutely amazing.  Also Taylor Swift’s songwriting, but who doesn’t?
Pretty soon they are going to be saying that about you! But we love both Carrie and Taylor. Amazing women. 

Of your personal music, what is the one you are most proud of? Why?
Hmm.  One Time Around or New Crush.  I wrote both of those with my sister Emilee.  One Time Around has been put on some great compilation CD’s and New Crush just recently won 2nd in the International Songwriting Competion in the TEEN division. It’s a huge honor – New Crush is about a boy we saw at Taco Bell when we were on the way to Austin to record
haha Taco Bell! You never know where inspiration will come from. Congratulations on placing 2nd in the songwriting competiton. And I must say we all love New Crush and One Time Around. New Crush is a favorite!!

What are your future goals and ambitions as it pertains to music?
Goals are to record the best music possible and put on a live tour.  The most amazing feeling is when you sing and the crowd responds to you.  It’s a natural high.
PLEAAASSSE let us know when you start a live tour! We would love to catch a show and do another interview/writeup on it!

Any music projects in the works currently?
Yes.  A secret one in Nashville which will be 10 songs with some HUGE people I’ll be singing with.

Where can we find your music online?

My iTunes link to download is:

My iPhone App is:

My website is

Twitter is

Youtube is

What artist or producer would you most like to work with?

Oh well CARRIE UNDERWOOD and PAUL WORLEY as a producer!

Maybe Carrie will see this interview and hear your music and HAVE to work with you! That would rock!

Anything else you want our readers to know about you or your music
My next project is gonna be amazing so be on the lookout!

Well thank you so much for your time. WE are totally excited for your future and look forward to hearing new music from you really soon.  Again, you have such a beautifully melodic voice and the world needs to hear it.  So hear is to much more success for you!

To our readers check out Mary singing the national anthem for a Houston Astros game. Girl has some major pipes:


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