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Kaitlyn Knippers-Amazingly lovable songstress!!

We got an awesome opportunity to ask a few questions to the most adorable singer. Her name is Kaitlyn Knippers and she is definitely someone to look out for. With a fun and melodic voice, her songs instantly get stuck in your head. We have found ourselves humming her tunes throughout the day.  So we give you an inside look at Kaitlyn Knippers…


Where do you currently reside?  
 I am living in Cypress, Texas.
How old are you?
I just turned 15 on July 21st.
What sort of things do you do for fun?
I love surfing, skiing ,tubing, wake boarding, camping, i love the outdoors and water.
It seems you love to have fun and do exciting stuff! That is cool!
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I would probably live in Hawaii  because its so beautiful and they absolutely have a respect for all music, and because the weather, the ocean, and the people are amazing.
I would totally live in Hawaii too!!
What artists is most played on your ipod or stereo?
 I listen to so many different artists and genres and I always have my ipod with me. But, i mostly Listen to Brad Paisley, Queen, Skrillex, Jake Owen, ACDC, and thats just a few. 
Such a diverse taste in music. Thats cool. It is important for artists to like many types of music so they can create something new in their music. And I LOVE Skrillex!!!!
How would you describe your music?
I would describe it as a rock/ pop feel. But, it also has a lot of different influences mixed into it as well.
Your music is so fun and easy to get into! It just makes people feel happy!
What is your most memorable performance? why?
When I sang Broken Wing at the Sam Houston race track and it was a country competition and i remember singing my little heart out was 11 year old i think and i remember finishing the song and everybody screaming and yelling and mom telling me how proud she was it was a great feeling. 
Do you write your own music? if so who or what inspires your lyrics?
Yes I wrote almost all my songs on my new Just me album and most of the time boys are the inspiration and also my little girl cousins about staying strong.
Are you signed to a label?
Nope, but hopefully in future.
You will be in no time! you are very talented.

Whose career do you most admire in the music industry?
Kelly Clarkson, because she quit her label to persue the career in music she wanted.
Definitely in this industry you have to be sure of who you are and what you want musically and Kelly Clarkson is someone who sticks to her guns!
Of your personal music, what is the one you are most proud of? Why?The song Clueless, because its hard to admit your wrong or confused about something even though everybody messes up. It just really came from my heart.
You can hear you sing with your heart in the recording too! I love that song.
What are your future goals and ambitions as it pertains to music?
Well hopefully to get signed, a mall tour, produce more music, and get a scholarship for music to a university.

Any music projects in the works currently?
I’ve been working on some new lyrics, and practicing more on the guitar and piano for upcoming shows. My new single ‘Scissors in My Heart’ will hit the airways soon…so I am hoping it will take off 🙂
We look forward to hearing “Scissors in My Heart” really soon on the airways! 
Where can we find your music online?
To find my music you can go to where you can find all the links to different websites pertaining to my music. And also my new album Just Me is on itunes
What artist or producer would you most like to work with?
I’d love to work with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Brad Paisley they all have amazing talent. As for producer David Guetta or Dr Luke they worked with Kesha and Britany Spears
OMG! a duet with you and Bieber would be heavenly especially if it was produced by David Guetta. He is a genius!
Ok everyone go buy Kaitlyn Knippers music on itunes right now! She is spectacular and you dont want to miss out on this amazing girl’s rise to fame.  She is going far and we here at GENNEXTSTARS  absolutely love her. Check this video of her out. We love you Kaitlyn!

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